Monday, December 14, 2009

The Business, Investment & Entrepreneurship Triangle Paradigm – The Context

While studying the Robert Kiyosaki articles & Rich Dad series, and other business managerial literatures I came to know about The Business, Investment & Entrepreneurship Triangle Paradigm, which is necessary to keep development in growth track

Every business & entrepreneur venture is defined its organization context & working content. The organization context can be described as a structured boundary wall within which every contents has to lie down in and shaped the content accordingly.

The most successful business organizations prefer that the context should be in Triangle. The primary intention to retain the organization in one unique form, as the triangle has tightly coupled. If the content in triangle will try to exceed itself then the shape will disorder and it will become another shape unlike to triangle. Other diagrams (e.g. circle, triangle etc) are having loose coupled characteristics, they can be stretched out if the content in it try to increase and this will affect the entire organizational working behavior, productivity & final output.

There will be 3 components that are essential pillars of the any organization, if it bound itself in triangle context.

· Mission:

The mission of any organization is the most essential part to it’s survival. The reason the mission is so very important is that it serves to keep the organization focused and guided toward a specific end result. The mission of one organization serves as a guiding light during all stages of the company’s growth and existence. The mission sets the entire organization’s collective efforts and operations

· Team:

When each member on a team is driving toward the same goal, the collective attitudes, knowledge and philosophies of the entire group begin to mesh together and act as one mind. It is a collective conscious entity that runs through the entire group.

· Leadership:

The leadership has a vital role in any organization. It moves the team(s) with single-minded determination to achieve their mission.

(The Inspiration is from Robert Kiyosaki (The Rich Dad Series) & Financial Freedom Library)

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