Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are You Creativity Enough?

To be creativity we must have right set of skill, mixture of Motivation, Domain Knowledge & of course the creative thinking. For this we have be cool minded, reading & writing techniques, planning ability. Creative mind always take difficulty as an opportunity. In fact they are the opportunist. Who want to face the realities of life and try to discover new ideas, create something extra ordinary & make the place for innovation.

Slavery thinking, lack of motivation, fear of failure, hesitation to accept new ideas & unwillingness to face the reality may cause the hurdles to be creativity. Where the one only finds himself in trouble to get the basic needs of life are more likely to become dump.

To cultivate the creativity, we should build social environment in a sense where everyone will have right to think freely, appreciate new blooming ideas & ambition of life. Besides that one should have proper health. Every human who is born in this world, always have set of skill that he have. So, he should have equal rights.

No matter what the skills might you have, but you may find ability of creativity thinking in your routine life.

  • Find the what, why, when…
  • Do practice more & more
  • Set your life milestones
  • Arrange proper luggage (skills, knowledge, domain expertise etc)

True; Creativity is a God gifted talent but it can be build up after drilling down by our own.

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