Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year Resolution!

09 days have been passed away of year 2009. If we couldn't pass our Resolution year 2009, then we should be prepared now. Goal's Life milestones will be listed down. There are difficulties that are occurred during moving towards the milestones. To overcome them, divide your routine in to four types of boxes that must be listed down in tabular form as following.

Urgent & important (40%)

(Critical ones)

  • Tasks that must be concentrated.
  • Complicated ones


Urgent but unimportant (10%)


  • Regular tasks
  • followups

Not urgent but important (40%)

(planning that needs time)

  • Career
  • R&D

Neither urgent nor important (10%)


  • Useless entertainment
  • gathering


If these types of tasks are displayed on eye catching fair visible area like in front of computer desk, wall, white board etc. This will make easy to have task list in mind's unconscious area.

If you visualize your goals that you would like to achieve in your life, the easy way is to mark them between two points (birth & death).

Birth         X    X    X    X        Death

            20    30    40    50

X are the major targets to be achieved in life

Will see… how its work.. Good Luck..


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