Sunday, March 8, 2009

Corporate Lessons from Children

The most beautiful, challenging, yet thrilling dimension of a training career comes from interacting with children. They are smart, creative, simple and honest. These four attributes are, however, quite rare in most modern workplaces. Although we do invest a lost in making our employees creative, the environment we provide is often contradictory.

Here are few observations:

  • Children ask for everything- no matter how expensive it is. They don't care about who actually owns it. They know what they want and they demand it. Grown-ups on the other hand, waste their lives wondering whether to ask for it or not!
  • Children always want to win, without hurting someone else. They don't create trouble for others in order to pursue good for themselves… they just care about winning. Are we still that eager, yet not greedy?
  • Children are happy without any particular reason. Searching for reasons to be happy for many adults is close to nonsensical.
  • Children get bored quickly. They hate doing the same thing over and over again. This disenchantment gives them the hunger to find new things to do, or at least new ways of doing the same old thing.
  • Children forget grievances, and more on with building stronger relationships. They fight, they yell- yet they settle issues, 100 times faster than adults. What a shame for us older lot.

(Dawn Classified, Dated: 08th Mar 09)

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Imran Raza said...

Great lessons learned. really appreciated....